The idea behind Izhar is to fill the gap for unique, fun, and affordable lifestyle, and trendy products in the market. It is just a mere step taken, jumping on the bandwagon, and building online presence, and taking hold of the growing e-commerce industry. Order by order, the brand aims to grow, helping hundreds of customers decorate their personal space with exquisite, fun, and trendy products every month. Customers know they can always expect the unexpected on our website  

Name and Logo:

Izhar and its logo are a combination of two concepts:

  1. Meaning of izhar, that is expression
  2. The signature feel shows statement note
  3. Slogan: Pick. Choose. Wrap- goes back to the essence of shopping, explaining every customer’s journey through our store.

Brand Philosophy:

Everyone at Izhar believes that every single being out there has its own unique way of expressing themselves to the world. We help our customers do that, without breaking their bank.  We, as a brand, always go an extra step to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services as well products.

You have stepped up in your life!